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About Us

DeMaster Media makes news and encouraging messages or music available to everyone. We started because we experienced the difference between small town USA and the big cities in terms of news and encouraging music offerings. In an era of mass produced mainstream stories and repetitive songs; we wanted our family to experience variety when none seemed available.

We are your full service media company providing news broadcasts for local, national, or Christian music radio shows.  We offer a full state-of-the-art studio and recording capabilities that can operate remotely for any of your radio or streaming needs.  We specialize in sound editing and generating a professional-grade quality to make your show hit the next level.

But first and foremost, we are a not-for-profit educational media company dedicated to bringing hope, encouragement, Christ-centered music, news, and global messages to small-town communities, churches, and areas that don’t have access to all the mainstream offerings: both news and music.

How Our Funding and Operations Work

With our goal being to provide affordable and easily accessible encouraging, praise, and objective truthful news stories into even the smallest American towns and throughout the world on our station stream, we have developed the product and services over years of work and our own resources so that everyday Americans can afford our services.  However, we still have costs as with all music offerings and licensing, so we wanted to make our organization incredibly transparent with what your donations and funding would be used for.  As such, we felt it important that you know HOW we operate and what the costs are that we’ve paid for out of our own family’s pocket.

  1. Music licensing for our Praise Radio Network. We pay the licensing fees so the artists get their deserved royalties (as we always encourage supporting music artists!)
  2. Streaming services and programs.
  3. Equipment and wiring for installation of the Praise Radio Network (both in small towns across the United States and eventually throughout the globe).  This includes transmitters, antenna, wires, systems, and computer operating systems.
  4. IT technicians and installation crews.
  5. Costs for voicing, news services, and other encouraging voicing talents (such as Rick McConnell). This ALSO includes payment to support the courageous Christians in the persecuted world (specifically the Middle East) who lend their voice to provide their stories of hope and encouragement as well as truth of persecution in their countries.  YOUR support allows us to help fund and feed their families and villages!!
  6. Cost to operate and manage Praise Radio and News services, including cost for news broadcasting equipment that runs from our small, but technologically advanced, headquarters in Wisconsin!
  7. Costs to own and operate our website, software, and other necessary services.  Our website allows us to feature encouraging and uplifting stories as well as national and international headlines from expert and alternative analytical viewpoints.  We WANT stories from Christ-followers around the world. And donations support us being able to highlight your stories (according to our company guidelines).
  8. Costs to travel to churches about partnership opportunities with DeMaster Media as well as costs to travel overseas and get the voicing or set up proper equipment so that the voices of the persecuted may be heard!
  9. Other costs, bills, and expenses that arise from operating a family-owned media company dedicated to bringing all people truth, stories, and encouraging music 365 days a year.

To support DeMaster Media’s educational ministry and outreach, visit our shop to look at sponsorship and underwriting packages as well as donation-specific buttons.

How We Began

We all have options when tuning in to radio shows, talk news, or music every day. Certainly, there are incredible programs and worship music offerings; but not every church, town, or smaller community in America can afford to have these offerings.

That is why DeMaster Media was created.  We are a family operation that started with nothing – like most American stories.  We come from a family dairy farm that was operational until 2018; several years after the dairy industry began to struggle.  The children of incredible and loving parents who continue to work the beautiful countryside and farm fields out of love for America’s farmlands, our hearts are geared towards radio and technology. We have a combined 45 years of media training and technological expertise, but our passion is making that skill transferrable to small town churches and small communities who lack encouraging media options and expertise.

Our goal is to make every American small town church and people equipped with advanced media capabilities and ensure that positive stories, news, and worship can be obtained in every corner of our nation and the world. Our passion was ignited through providing honest and transparent news stories to the people of Sheboygan County. Today, that has spread throughout other counties with smaller towns in South Dakota, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan; but with more awareness, we hope we can soon partner with all small town areas that desire Christ-filled worship, honest news stories, and capabilities to share your stories, strength, hope, and faith.

So reach out, get in touch, or simply tune in and learn more about the DeMaster Media difference.  Learn how your town, community, or church can get access, get educated, get trained, or get involved.  Learn how your church or small town can have its own Christian radio network, or how you can find a platform to share our stories or get local, national, and global news from a dedicated and experienced team whose passion is to enhance awareness of the most important headlines throughout the world.

DeMaster Media: The Nonprofit, Encouraging, Uplifting, News and Music Option for All People who believe there simply must be more to faith, no matter what you believe.

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