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Services and Offerings

Services and Offerings

News Services for Radio or Podcasts

The world is overrun today with Mainstream Narrative News Stories; but meanwhile, there are incredible stories, expert analysts from faith-based backgrounds, and hope-filled messages that aren’t being told.

Our news analysts can provide objective, general headlines or cater our news offerings to your specifications.  We aren’t funded by big donor names, but by user support from listeners like local churches and you!

DeMaster Media offers low-cost Radio and Podcast News Services for educational media outreach networks and praise music stations as well as other talk radio shows that include “top of the hour” news segments.

More than that, as part of our customizable news product, our national and global news experts can provide your radio show or podcast the highest professional news product offering 2 times per hour with incorporated stories of faith, persecution, and Christ-centered messaging.  All news products can be catered to your request and will include national and global headline stories. 

Inquire about our news product here. 

Media Education and Platform Access

DeMaster Media educates churches, individuals, and small towns in developing their desire to learn about radio and sound editing, radio or streaming service development, sound management, video production, and writing positive stories that generate hope, truth, and encouragement from a factual and effective basis.

Praise Radio In A Box

Our FCC-compliant AM Praise and Worship product is a package that can be customized only to small town USA. It is specifically for churches or communities that want to be able to tune in to Christ-filled messages, encouraging content, and praise and worship music from the most remote or rural parts of America. Our team will work with you to set up your station so that all town inhabitants can tune in. As a non-profit operation, DeMaster Media will only charge the start up and equipment costs and can work with your budget for payment plans. No part of your payment will go towards revenue for DeMaster Media, but only for your town or church’s Praise Radio AM station. Contact us for more information about Praise Radio in a Box. Stream Praise Radio here to get a sample of what your town’s station will be similar to (understanding that Praise in a Box can always be customizable and will vary slightly from the stream – with the same general messaging and music content).


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