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DeMaster Media is an educational organization dedicated to training and teaching churches and small-town communities the skills needed to maintain Praise & Worship streaming or radio stations; encouraging content, factual news stories from local, national, and global storylines. We come alongside small-town individuals who want to learn media work in writing or speaking and educate them in media training as well as provide a platform in which they can refine their skills AND share their stories! We seek to train and equip Americans and church leaders in gaining access to radio and television services, utilizing media offerings, and providing factual stories of truth and hope to generate awareness through multiple media outlets. Our Praise Radio network generates no ad income and exists to provide 24/7 access to Praise & Worship music as well as stories of hope from those living next door to those living in the persecuted desert sands of the Middle East. Learn more about Praise Radio here and how it can be customized for small towns and churches throughout America.

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